About LOBA

Loyola Old Boys’ Association was founded in 1975 by an inspired group of old boys who cherished their memories of school and wanted to enable others to do the same. Their efforts kept all of us connected to each other, with the school and its activities.

From the tentative steps taken by the pioneers led by Jimmy Antony (1969) and others, LOBA now encompasses 50 batches and a 4000 plus strong alumni body of leaders and achievers, of boys and men imbued with the Jesuit ethos.

Apart from Trivandrum where LOBA has a major presence, vibrant local chapters exist in Kochi, Bangalore, New Delhi, Singapore and Dubai. In July 2017 LOBA organised its first UK meeting at Leeds, which led to the formation of the Global ExCom. This eight member team now supports LOBA in many of its global initiatives.

LOBA organises three events in a year. The Back to School event on Oct 2, the Global Leadership Awards’ event in early January followed by the AGM during the second week of July.

The Loyola Welfare Initiative was launched in December 2016 with the purpose of putting our minds and resources together to make a contribution to society. The first project under this initiative was a medical insurance scheme for the school staff, both serving and retired. The second initiative, a Pension Scheme for non-teaching staff, was ratified by the general body at the 43rd AGM.

The Legacy

Loyola School has always had a special place in our hearts. The presence of old students at school virtually on a daily basis is testimony to this. They come to soak in the atmosphere and bask in their memories. LOBA understands this and seeks to help all of you relive those golden days. Those airy classrooms, the shady trees, the riotous playgrounds, the stern but benevolent Jesuits, the concerned teachers, the caring 'uncles ' and 'aunties'... we could go on and on.

Our Vision

We seek to bring all Loyolites together on the LOBA platform to provide access to its members the vast repository of knowledge and wherewithal that exists. We also intend to pool our ideas and resources to better ourselves, the school and society as a whole.