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Alumni networks are powerful they connect people, enable collaboration provide members with a platform for sharing, mentor ideas and people, spark new and creative thinking. These are vibrant communities that support members personal and professional development throughout the course of their lives.

Over the years LOBA has established itself as a dynamic organisation. It has brought over 50 batches across generations under a single network. The LOBA International Network (LINK) is its new initiative that has been conceived to singularly focus on the benefits that a former Loyolite can derive from his own network. In the past, LOBA's efforts were aimed at doing good to society, giving back to school and its staff and so on. While that would continue, LINK will make bonds among its members stronger and more meaningful.

LINK's aim is to take advantage of the network be it for you, your business your family or even for your friends. In order to leverage the power of the Alumni network LOBA has tied up with FlockForge, a start-up specializing in Alumni network websites, to help build a digital platform. Our idea is to use this web/digital platform to further LINK's objectives.


Business networking - Every professional-turned entrepreneur or businessman will agree that they wouldn't mind any sort of help to give their business a fillip. Most will agree that it's time that we pulled our collective weight and did something beneficial for ourselves. Can this network of 4000 (add friends and family to this and the number would swell to about 10,000) help find new business opportunities?

Academic Mentoring - Alumni are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer support to students as they start their careers. Be it help to choose optimal paths to the right careers, to choosing the right courses Alumni can mentor youngsters, during their most important phases of life. Even Loyolites children can benefit from this strong network. A mentorship programme would be a first step towards this.

Career - If you find yourself in a spot of bother with your current job, there could be someone in the LOBA network whom you can reach out to. In many cases, the network can also provide younger students with job opportunities or internships thanks to networking among Alumni. Who knows who knows whom?

Health - Advice at the right time from a known Doctor is almost heaven sent Imagine that feeling when you know that you can trust your loved ones in the care of a doctor who is known to you. Thanks to the network, you could be connected to hundreds of such specialists. Sometimes even an advice from an expert sitting abroad could make a huge difference to us. Would you like to tap into this group?

Other benefits - Alumni discounts at local retailers, resorts or restaurants. Even our own members' running such businesses can offer similar benefits to fellow members.

We intend to also introduce a LINK LOBA membership card that could help streamline this network and the processes. Of course we could think of and implement many more ideas that would benefit members. Yes, we would need your help and suggestions to take this forward


Loyola Old Boys' Association, founded in 1975, has kept all of us connected to each other. From its tentative steps, LOBA now encompasses 50+ batches and a 4000+ strong Alumni body of leaders and achievers, of boys and men imbued with the Jesuit ethos. Apart from Trivandrum, vibrant local chapters exist in Kochi, Bangalore, New Delhi, London, Toronto, Singapore and Dubai.

LOBA is one of its kind at least among school Alumni associations in India. All of us can be reasonably proud of its achievements. LOBA is a registered body with 12AA income exemption status and on the verge of applying for 80G exemption.

As part of our charitable activities (LWI- Loyola Welfare Initiative), we have been running a health insurance scheme for all our staff, serving and retired, as well as a modest pension scheme for our non teaching staff and other social welfare schemes benefiting the community.

As part of the efforts to mitigate the suffering of people affected by the disaster in Kerala, we had launched an intensive drive to provide items of sustenance We had also set up a coordination team using our Alumni within the all three arms of the armed forces our efforts saw over 125 groups of people. perhaps about 1000 individuals, being identified and rescued. We intend to take up a larger role in a social outreach programme with the help of the Loyola Extension Services and Loyola College social work department.


  • Global Leadership Awards launched in 2015
    •  Successfully conducted this annual sponsored event since 2015 
  • Medical Insurance Scheme launched in 2016 
    • Covering school staff, serving and retired, for Rs.2 lakhs each 
    • Run using funds donated by former students
  • Pension Scheme for retired non-teaching staff launched in 2018 
    • Raised a corpus of over Rs.1 cr. 
  • Launch of LINK in 2018 
    • Unleashing the power of the network 
  • Active role in the Flood Rescue and Relief Operations 
    • Unprecedented and volunteer driven 


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