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Let's Explore!

The goal of education has been for knowledge, for enlightenment. Be that as it may, the more prosaic goal of education today is jobs, careers and in preparing children for them. While, historically, changes in occupations and careers were slow enough for people and systems to adapt, the last decade has led to  almost cataclysmic changes- most of the jobs/careers hardly existed 25 years ago. This has necessitated overhauls of the educational system and skills acquisition- but, sadly, at a much slower pace.
We need to prepare our children for the future. What options are available. What skills are needed. What should the children prepare themselves for- the good and bad of every occupation. Given the array of talent that exists within the LOBA fraternity, we believe that we can contribute to creating awareness and preparing our children for their lives.

Let us be the first to acknowledge that what we are attempting is neither the last word on this, nor all-encompassing. We promise that we are committed to improvement at each step of the way.

Explore - this is our new endeavour in creating a series of sessions on career guidance for school students. The sessions will be open to the present students at school, the PTA members and the LOBA fraternity. The programme will involve mentoring of youngsters at a later stage.


The first session is scheduled for 7 p.m. IST November 07, 2020 - it will discuss careers in Films, Music, Fashion Design and Entertainment. It will run online on the Zoom Webinar platform.

Santosh Sivan (1976)- internationally acclaimed cinematographer and the first Loyolite to be awarded a Padma award.
Sumesh Lal (1986)- CEO of Wonderwall, and one of the pioneers in Kerala of music TV programming, unearthing and managing musical talent, and curating shows.
George Peter (1988)- singer, musician and music composer, and formerly the lead singer for 13 AD (arguably one of India's best ever rock bands).
Jishnu Dasgupta (1994)- manager and lead bassist of the band Swarathma, one of India's best contemporaneous bands.
Vivek Karunakaran (1996)- one of the rising stars of the Indian fashion designing industry.

This session will be moderated by P Vijay Kumar (1983), a tech entrepreneur with an abiding interest in the performing arts.

Subsequent sessions are as follows:

Nov 21, 2020 - Careers in medicine/dentistry/healthcare
Dec 05, 2020 - Careers in journalism/media/advertising
Jan 09, 2021 - Careers in the defence services/police forces
Jan 16, 2021 - Careers in Engineering, Technology
Jan 23, 2021 - Careers in IT, Data Science,  Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

The Explore Team

Fr. Joseph Puliparambil SJ - Principal of Loyola School, and the man whose breadth of vision and support helped us conceive this programme.
Suresh Aravind (1977) - CEO at Dural Consulting and formerly worldwide vice-president at Johnson & Johnson,
Sankar Krishnan (1983) - chief strategic advisor for the Ramco group, and formerly pro vice-chancellor at Ashoka University,
Thomas Vaidhyan (1984) - CEO of Aten Inc, and member of the North Carolina Education policy advisory board,
Manoj Surendran (1990) - Project Scientist at ISRO,
Tojo Eapen (1992) - partner at Stanton Chase Human Resources.