LOBA to setup Corona Care Centre Network

The COVID-19 crisis is almost certain to escalate. The WHO has foreseen that 40-50% of the population will eventually get the infection. Our present medical infrastructure cannot handle a situation when 10% of the populace fall sick - the number of people needing hospital care and the number of deaths is unimaginable. In that event, we need alternative infrastructure that can cater to the mildly ill- who comprise up to 85% of those infected.

Loyolite Sanjay Vijaykumar is leading a team that has been spending the last 5 days on a project that would create a Corona Care Centre Network, run by volunteers predominantly and equipped by contributions from the government and the public.  The project report is in its final stages and is getting the attention of the Chief Minister’s office for due consideration. Such a project would provide the template for all such centers across the state, and maybe even the nation. This creates a system that can be scaled up and established within 24 hours if need be.

LOBA has been tasked with planning, setting up and running such a centre at school. This will involve volunteers from amongst us and supplies from the govt and donors. 

While Sanjay is cranking the levers of those that matter, we should be focused on fine-tuning the plan with a view to be ready for deployment at very short notice. We are looking at a tough deadline and I am using this opportunity to call upon all to be part of this endeavour. We can show that we have the ability, the heart and the knowledge to do this. The eyes of the world are upon us (at least, India). 

Message from
Dr. Ram Mohan