Serving the Unserved : The Story of Dr. Sujith Varghese

Dr. Sujith Varghese Thomas completed his MBBS and MS from Christian Medical College, Vellore. After a 2 year rural stint in Orissa, he was back for his MS and then took on the responsibility of Broadwell Christian Hospital, Fatehpur, UP through the organization EHA. Along with his wife Sunitha, an MS from CMC Vellore, he decided to pursue his true calling to serve the unserved. That was 10 years back in 2008.

Fatehpur was one of the 50 worst districts in India, no electricity, roads, drainage or any modern day amenities. Broadwell Christian Hospital was 100 years old, had 16 dilapidated blocks with no proper facilities. The official apathy and rampant bribery challenged him. On realizing the new doctor would not bend down to bribes, life threats ensued along with hostile actions. They stuck on, waded through the first 2 years in fear till the administration changed and licenses were obtained sans any bribe.

Being the only 2 doctors, Dr. Sujith and his wife became everything, from gyneacs, to surgeons to neonatologists to anesthetists and what not. Patients started trickling in and the numbers swelled as did their reputation over the years.

Without any aid, they slowly transformed the hospital to one of the finest in UP in the last 10 years. Their social awareness initiatives and community programs brought in borewells, electricity and schools to the district. They also made the hospital the 2nd only Palliative care hospital in UP, helping the terminally ill to die in dignity amidst love and pain relief. Their struggle continues thanks to their indomitable spirit, shielded by virtue and powered by knowledge. They tread on silently, helping the nameless in far away UP. 


In the last ten years since Dr. Sujith took over, changes have indeed happened. The OPD was repaired and renovated, a new generator and transformer were installed, a 50,000 litre huge water tank was installed. 3 sets of quarters for staff were built and the staff could be shifted from the previously rat-snake-scorpion infested dilapidated quarters. Hostel for single nurses were built. Centralized oxygen and suction systems were installed. A new labour room was built to accommodate the increasing number of deliveries. The wards and NICU were renovated and new equipments were brought.

They also run 5 community projects to help the villagers and this has resulted in bore wells and roads and electricity reaching most of the villages. They also started a palliative care unit, the second in the whole of UP taking care of the dying and allowing them to die in dignity. What they started 2 years back, has about 170 patients today. They have been going to their homes in their villages, sitting with them and listening to their pain and agony, giving them pain relief with morphine, teaching the relatives the importance of loving and caring them. Some of them have horrible wounds that emanate such a stench that the whole village stays away from them. But then to see them finally give a smile and go in peace, gives the doctors that additional boost to continue their struggle.


10 years is just the beginning and Dr.Sujith has miles to go.

He could have left all this behind, joined any mainstream hospital, earned well and lived life amidst the materialistic joys that he is well entitled to. But he chose to be in Fatehpur. His kids go to school with the locals. His picnics are at the banks of the Ganga and Yamuna, as Fatehpur is located between them. Summer nights are under mosquito nets under the stars, winters are shiveringly spent under the stout Rajais. 

Dr.Sujith has slowly, but surely brought  in the winds of change.