Throwback Thursday

The air in Loyola holds a myriad of memories. The walls of the school still echo with the tales of the ones who left their mark. Irreplaceable are the many smiles that Loyola has witnessed. Throwback to the bygone times, to an enchanting place that can only be found in the hearts of Loyolites. Here are a few pictures, for some to reminisce, of Loyola’s glorious past.

Cricket Fever

It's the end of Cricket World Cup 2019 and here's a look at our cricket team half a century ago. Wonder if any of these guys will be at the grounds cheering for us. "Indiaaa...India..!"

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Rock The Stage

A treasure trove of memories associated with the stage.. youth festivals, school day, assembly speeches.. the stage has left its indelible imprints in our minds. The first steps towards speaking or performing in front of an audience. 
Share your on-stage/off-stage memories! 

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PT Session

P.T. sessions have been an important part of our school life.. be it as prep for the games period afterward or for Sports Day march past... What's your P.T. session nostalgia like?

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